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Your domain name is an essential element of your website, it will have a significant impact on the success and potential of your website.

Therefore it is important to put some careful thought into choosing your domain name.

First, because it gives an impression of your website as a way of branding. It can determine whether a person takes your website seriously or not.

Secondly, your domain name can help your SEO ranking via keywords inclusion. It also helps people discover you easily on search with a unique and memorable domain name.

Finally getting it right from the start is important because it becomes complicated later on trying to change your domain name to something else

There are certain things to consider when choosing a domain name, which we will highlight in this post.

You start by choosing a domain name extension.

For the records, .com is still the best.

According to research, 42.9% of all domains have the “.com” extension. The second most popular is “.net”. While “.org” is about 3.1%.

 “.com” is the most familiar and easiest to remember. Use it except it is no longer available for your domain name.

It is advisable you use popular ones and avoid

Choosing the domain name proper, the following steps will help

1) Choose industry related niche keywords.

Keywords can help to improve your SEO ranking and Domain Authority.

Use keywords that best represent your website, words that give an overall view of what your website is all about.

You can use keywords generators like Google keyword planner to help you come up with keyword ideas

But make sure your domain name is not stuffed with keywords to the detriment of uniqueness and simplicity.

Also, Keywords use should be at the beginning of your domain name. That’s where it is relevant.

2) Choose a Simple domain name over a complex one. Choose short domain names over long ones.

Avoid the use of numbers and hyphens, they make searching for you complex and tiring.

Your domain name should be memorable and creative, rather than generic. The unique ones will make your site stand out.

3) Let the domain name be easy to spell to encourage search, and easy to pronounce also. If you choose a difficult word to spell or pronounce, People will have a hard time searching for you on the search engine.

You do not want to discourage people from seeing you by making the process of finding you cumbersome. And easy to pronounce word will help word of mouth referral.

4) Use a domain name Generator. If you are finding it difficult to come up with a domain name, a domain name Generator can come to your rescue.

Since you have your relevant keywords a domain name generator will help simplify the process by both brainstormings for you and providing you several ideas.

Examples include Wordoid, Lean domain search, Domainhole, etc

They also check the availability of their suggestions for purchase. Once you select a perfect domain name, you will need to register it to avoid it being taken by faster Buyers.

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