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Maybe you have a domain name you initially wanted to use but wouldn’t be needing anymore or you want to enter into buying and flipping domain names, this post will be helpful to you.

Learning how to sell domain names is a lengthy process, but can be very financially rewarding.

Flipping domain names is a Legitimate online money making Strategy, that if properly executed can land you quick and easy bucks even to millions of dollars. Many people are active domain investors.

4 Steps for selling A domain name.


Proper pricing of your domain name is critical to selling it, most people overprice their domain names and expect ridiculous amounts from their domain names simply because they have had it for a while.  

To be able to determine the right value of your domain you should know things that make a domain valuable.

  • Is it a .com domain? or other unpopular domain extensions like .club,
  • Search traffic. What’s the current search volume of your domain
  • What is your current domain authority and age?
  • Is it a short and memorable domain easy to spell and pronounce or a long cumbersome domain name with hyphens and numbers?

You can use Online estimation tools like Namebio to know what other related domains sold to help with pegging your price.

2) Hang a “for sale” sign on your domain.

You can do this in several ways

  • Create a free website with your domain that only indicates our Domain name is for sale. It will market to people already searching for the Domain
  • Update your contact on WHOIS Directory

And indicate that your domain name is for sale. This will also help provide your details to people who want to contact you directly for your domain names

  • Add a page to your current websites with traffic indicating that you have a domain name for sale.

3) List your domain on domain selling sites

Some of them allow you to add extra descriptions about the domain, which can help boost sales.

Popular Domain listing sites include:

  • GoDaddy
  • Flippa
  • Sedo
  • AfterNic
  • eBay

Optimize the listing with things like your domain traffic. Domain age and domain authority. These will help justify the price and attract buyers.

4) Use domain brokers

They help sell domains like listing sites but they promote your sites more actively. If you desire to sell your domain quickly, go with domain brokers. Their fees are higher but you will mostly get value for your money.

Research the broker properly before signing up with them and be sure they are efficient and cost-effective.

5) Negotiate your offers and sell using Escrow services.

When offers begin to come for your domain, make sure to negotiate properly for it’s worth using the details that justify your domain price.

When selling to a buyer directly, it is better to use Escrow services. They will safeguard you from a scam, some domain listing services already have escrows.

When selling a low priced domain however, the service of an escrow may not be cost-effective. That way you can afford do without them

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