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What are Aged Domain Names?

Aged domain names refer to domain names that have been registered and actively used for an extended period, typically several years. These domains have a history and are not freshly registered. They may have been owned by previous individuals or businesses, or even hosted websites in the past. As an added bonus, many of these sites already have links pointing to your site, saving you months or years of work.

Benefits of Aged Domain Names for SEO:

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), one important factor that can significantly impact your website’s visibility and ranking is the domain name you choose.

Established Trust and Authority: Aged domain names often have a longer online presence, which can establish a sense of trust and authority with search engines. Search engines tend to view older domains as more reliable and trustworthy sources of information, assuming they have been consistently maintained and not involved in any malicious activities.  


Existing Backlink Profile: Aged domains frequently come with an existing backlink profile. Backlinks, which are links from other websites pointing to yours, are crucial for SEO. Aged domains may have accumulated backlinks over time, indicating their popularity and credibility. This pre-existing link profile can give your website an immediate boost in search engine rankings.

Quicker Indexing and Trust Building: Aged domains often have an advantage when it comes to search engine indexing. Search engines are more likely to trust older domains and assign a higher priority to their content for indexing. This means that new content on an aged domain may get indexed faster, allowing it to appear in search results more quickly.

Google index and the Sandbox effect:  While a high authority site will rank faster, a new site is actually placed on hold before it can rank.  The site is placed in a virtual “Sandbox” or also referred to as the Sandbox effect.  This lasts about 6 months, but can be as long as 2 years.  Using tools like Google Search Console and other SEO tools can help analyze if your site or pages are being impacted.  To get out of this, you have to earn the trust of Google with the various factors mentioned above and below.  Buying an aged domain name with a high SEO score helps you skip this stage.  

Potential Keyword Advantage: Aged domains that have been consistently active and relevant in a particular niche may have an inherent advantage for ranking in search results for related keywords. The age and longevity of the domain can contribute to its visibility and relevance, potentially increasing organic traffic from search engines.  Also keywords in the actual domain name, keywords from backlinks, and past keywords the site ranked for all add a positive boost in score.    

Assist in SEO score:  Ideally you can use the domain name to build your website, however, aged domains can also be used to build valid microsites, subsidiary sites, marketing campaigns, landing pages or other valid web properties that can link back to your main website to give you added SEO score.  You can also redirect it to your main site, but we highly recommend only to redirect a high quality domain that is related to your business or industry.  Many corporations redirect companies websites they bought through acquisitions, so this is a common and accepted practice in the eyes of Google.   

Domain Authority score:  There are several software out there that tries to estimate a website’s trust and authority.  No one has access to Google’s secret sauce, so these are just estimates. However, the methods and algorithms used has improved a lot and gives you a greater level of confidence when choosing a domain name.  The top 4 companies that provide this estimate are Moz, ahrefs, Majestic, and Semrush.   Having at least 1 of them to benchmark and measure your site’s score is key.  However, we normally use more than 1 tool to cross reference and overlap in finding the best domains.  The biggest KPIs we see is DA which stands for Domain Authority from Moz, and DR which stand for Domain Ranking from ahrefs.  We do look at dozens of other KPIs for all for all our domains, but these 2 have the biggest impact.



Aged domain names bring several benefits to SEO efforts by establishing trust and authority, providing an existing backlink profile, leveraging historical data, facilitating quicker indexing, and potentially gaining a keyword advantage. However, it’s important to note that an aged domain alone does not guarantee SEO success. Quality content, user experience, and other SEO best practices remain essential.  Buying an aged domain is a very proven and accepted method to jump start your domain authority for SEO.

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